"I felt like there were more people behind me"

Nikita was 11 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. 

"I was diagnosed with cancer at 11 and then I had treatment until I was just turned 13. I was down in Christchurch for a year, where I underwent chemo and radiation. I joined Canteen early on during my treatment and they just made me feel so much better more at home more safe because it was a scary journey."

Canteen supports ragnatahi ages 13-24 impacted by cancer across Aotearoa.

"To start it is quite lonely, and having Canteen makes it so much better. It makes rangatahi feel so much more at home. No one else understands it like Canteen does."

Canteen was there for Nikhita throughout her treatment and beyond.

"Canteen brings us together and makes us feel like we're welcome there, which is important to me because it gives me a place to go and feel safe, especially when I've got lots going on. Thinking about cancer all the time means Canteen gives me just a space to feel more welcomed."

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Nikhita wearing a white hoodie and has her hair in a bun. She is smiling at the camera