Rangatahi support

Cancer affects everyone differently. That’s why Canteen provides a wide range of free support services to help you manage the specific challenges you’re dealing with.
3 young people impacted by teenage cancer or cancer in the family sitting at a park at a peer cancer support event by canteen

Peer support EVENTS

Sometimes it might feel like whānau and friends don’t really understand what you’re going through, but you’re not alone. Through Canteen, you can meet other rangatahi who understand how you’re feeling at one of our cancer support events or through our online social platform Canteen Connect.
Young person impacted by teenage cancer sitting on a bench and getting cancer support by talking to someone


At Canteen, you can talk to one of our specialist team about whatever is on your mind. They can help you deal with many of the challenges you’re facing - and just listen. We can also help you with things like changing relationships, managing school or work alongside cancer, and finding ways to cope with what life looks like now.
two young people impacted by teenage cancer getting cancer support from Canteen through rangatahi development


We can support you as you get your life back on track after being impacted by cancer, from helping you build more confidence and social skills to leadership development, with a range of different pathways and programmes.

Programmes and camps

We have a range of programmes and camps tailored to support different cancer experiences and they all aim to connect you with others, keep you active, and support you to deal with feelings if you need to, and take time off from cancer.

Robots Project

We've harnessed the power of cutting-edge technology to create a special programme designed to keep rangatahi aged 12-18 undergoing cancer treatment connected to their classrooms, schoolwork, and peers.


Read through our cancer support resources we have available to help guide you through the challenges of cancer.
young person is on their phone and getting teenage cancer support through canteen connect


We can provide all our services over the phone, via zoom – or online through canteenconnect.org.nz. So, no matter where in Aotearoa you live, you can access our full range of services.