A gift to Canteen in your Will can help change the futures of rangatahi impacted by cancer. By discussing this with your loved ones you can ensure that your intentions are understood.
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Every year around 4,200 rangatahi are impacted by cancer. Thanks to the generosity and ongoing commitment of our supporters, Canteen can provide support for over 600 rangatahi every year. But for every rangatahi we help, there are another 6 we can’t. A gift in your Will, no matter what size, is an amazing way to help ensure rangatahi never have to face cancer alone.
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How to leave a GIFT IN YOUR WILL

By leaving a gift in your Will, you’ll be building a brighter tomorrow for rangatahi whose lives have been impacted by cancer. Your Will is an important document that must be properly prepared. Our gifting in Wills brochure can assist you, however, should you choose to leave a gift to Canteen in your Will please contact your legal practitioner and have them draft the appropriate clause using wording that can be found in our brochure.
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We have partnered with Safewill, a leading online Will-writing platform, so you can support your loved ones and help create a future where rangatahi don't have to face cancer alone. By leaving a gift in your Will to Canteen, you'll be helping to provide a safe space for rangatahi impacted by cancer to connect, share the tough stuff, and get a break from cancer.

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The gift of a LIFETIME

“I was so scared during treatment, so I can’t imagine how hard it is for a young person facing the same experience. I'm leaving a gift in my Will, because even if I help just one young person feel less alone on their cancer journey, then I'll feel that I have really made a difference.” - Raewyn, long-time Canteen supporter who pledged to leave a gift in her Will on the 20th anniversary of her cancer remission.