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What We Do

We’ve got your back

When cancer derails a young person’s life, CanTeen is there to help get things back on track. That means doing everything we can to make sure you’ve got the support you need, someone to talk to – and sometimes just the chance to get away from it all.

Personalised Support

When you’re going through intense treatment in hospital, little things make a big difference. CanTeen takes care of things like topping up your phone, getting you to appointments or the food situation in your cupboard so you don’t need to stress.

And because we get that no two situations are the same, we do our bit to take care of other things that fall through the cracks – like helping out with study or making sure professional counsellors are on hand if they’re needed.


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Peer Support

Our members are the heart of CanTeen – and we’re big on making sure they can get together and get away from it all. That’s why there’s always stuff going on in branches across the country, giving them the chance to chat, share stories and hang out.

And just like a family, our members get stuck in and support each other. At the middle of that are our CanNectors – a team of older members who have walked the journey and done the training that makes them the best possible people to help out new members.

Tools for everyday

Cancer can be a massive roadblock. Especially for young people as they’re growing up and figuring out who they are. And the worst thing would be to face that alone. So we run workshops across the country to help our members get to grips with grief, emotions and even relationships, together.

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Skills for the future

We’re passionate about building on life after cancer, starting with giving our members the chance to speak up and get involved. That’s what makes CanTeen different. We’re run by the young people we help. Across the country, our members are the driving force behind what happens in the regions. We also empower young people to advocate for themselves and others. The collective voice of young New Zealanders helps influence policy to ensure young people’s needs are met today and in the future.

CanGrow Grants

The purpose of the CanTeen Self Development Grants is to support members with their personal growth. We recognise that a cancer experience will often disrupt members’ education, development and training. The grants are a means to help some of our members catch up any lost ground and to help them re-launch their self-development. Much of what we offer is to help members through their experience with cancer. These grants are a part of the measures we take to help members thrive beyond cancer.

CanGrow grants are awarded twice per year in December and July by the grants committee. If you’re a member and would like to apply for a CanGrow Grant please complete an application form.

CanGrow grants are made possible by the generous support of our corporate partner, Warehouse Stationery WHS