Your impact

Around 4,200 new rangatahi are impacted by cancer each year, whether it’s their own diagnosis or cancer in their whānau. You're helping ensure rangatahi don't face cancer alone.
Georgia's message
Georgia was 12 years old when her mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer. That is when she turned to Canteen for support, like counselling and connection with other rangatahi who could understand what she was going through. This is all thanks to our supporters, like you.
You're making a difference
Every gift to Canteen helps provide a safe space for rangatahi to connect, share the tough stuff, and get a break from cancer. You helped Canteen support nearly 700 rangatahi in 21/22.
Individual support
Canteen supports rangatahi to talk with one of our specialist team members who can help them deal with many of the challenges they’re facing - and just listen.
Canteen Connect
an online community where rangatahi can connect with other rangatahi going through similar stuff, join online events, or chat with a Canteen Connect counsellor.
Peer events
connecting rangatahi to others who understand what they’re going through and having a break from cancer at recreational events.
Mental Health Support
Canteen provided more than 2,600 counselling and other support sessions last year. An evaluation of the service found that 82% of rangatahi said their mental health improved.
You're supporting rangatahi, like Josh
“Without this service, I honestly don’t know where I would be, and I believe it is one of the most important services for all of our rangatahi as mental health is deeply affected by any cancer journey."
Support Canteen. Change lives.
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