Canteen's 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner

30 Oct 2023

A Night to Remember

In a heartwarming acknowledgment of 35 years of unwavering support for rangatahi impacted by cancer, Canteen's Gala Dinner left a lasting impression. Held at AUT, with support from AUT Events, this fundraiser was a testament to the power of community and the commitment to making a difference in the lives of rangatahi affected by cancer.

Culinary Delights by AUT Culinary School Students

The evening kicked off with a culinary experience like no other, as the talented students from the Auckland University of Technology's (AUT) Culinary School took the helm. They crafted a sumptuous dinner that delighted the taste buds of all attendees. The guests not only savoured delectable dishes but also appreciated the dedication and skill of these young chefs in the making.

Fashion Show with a Purpose

One of the highlights of the night was a spectacular fashion show that showcased stunning designs provided by Juliette Hogan. What made this fashion show truly exceptional was that it was not just about runway glamour; it was a platform for Canteen rangatahi to shine. These courageous young individuals, who have faced the hardships of cancer, took to the catwalk with grace and confidence. The fashion show was not just about the clothes; it was a celebration of resilience and strength.

Silent Auction: A Triumph of Generosity

A silent auction added an extra layer of excitement and generosity to the evening. With a wide array of items up for grabs, including items donated from various organisations wanting to show their support, the attendees had the chance to contribute to a worthy cause while obtaining unique items and experiences. The silent auction was a resounding success, raising nearly $10,000, which will be channelled directly into supporting rangatahi impacted by cancer.

A Quilt of Memories from the Canteen Archive

One of the most sentimental moments of the evening was when a special item from the Canteen archive was unveiled. A quilt made from vintage Canteen bandannas, each representing a unique and cherished memory from the organisation's rich history, was auctioned. This touching item served as a reminder of the incredible journey of the Canteen whānau over the past 35 years and the numerous rangatahi supported.

All the funds raised during this remarkable Gala Dinner will be directed back into Canteen's invaluable work, providing support and community for rangatahi impacted by cancer. As Canteen looks ahead to the future, it is clear that the impact of the organisation's work will continue to ripple through the lives of countless rangatahi, providing a safe space for them to connect, share the tough stuff, and get a break from cancer.