CanSurf 2023

23 Nov 2023

Empowering Rangatahi Through Waves of Connection

Annual Surf Camp 

CanSurf, our annual weekend surfing camp, championed by the amazing CanSurf team in Waihi Beach, is a highlight of the year for many rangatahi who are also facing the challenges of cancer. Beyond the sun-drenched waves, this experience fosters connection, resilience, and community. 

Learning to Surf 

Skilled instructors teach rangatahi how to ride the waves, promoting physical activity and skill development. Yoga sessions provide moments of mindfulness and support wellbeing, complementing the adrenaline of surfing. The camp extends beyond the beach, offering hands-on fire station training, instilling a sense of adventure and empowerment.

Rangatahi Connections

CanSurf is more than a weekend surf camp; the true magic lies in the connections formed, and it's a programme that strives to provide not just a break from the challenges of cancer but a transformative experience that empowers, connects, and uplifts rangatahi.