Sensing our grief

18 Jun 2021

We offer a therapeutic programme for bereaved (sibling and parent) rangatahi called Sensing Our Grief.

The 6-week online programme utilises the five senses to explore grief and loss in a tangible, experiential and accessible way, which aligns with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy of awareness and willingness to be in contact with thoughts, sensations, emotions, and experiences occurring in the present moment.

The objective of the programme is to create a safe and supportive environment for bereaved rangatahi to learn about grief and share their experiences. We anticipate outcomes of the programme to be around the normalisation of grief and grieving processes, peer support, mindfulness practice, increased connection with the departed, and improved self-care, understanding of oneself, and coping strategies.

We asked one of our Psychosocial Support Workers to share insight into some important outcomes they had experienced from the programme.

I was really encouraged as a facilitator of Sensing Our Grief to see our rangatahi:

> Form connections with each other; for many, it was the first time they had opened up about their lost loved ones to other people.

> Gain an understanding of the individual ways they had been managing grief and how they wanted to change this to healthier coping mechanisms.

> Wanted to continue receiving support after the programme had finished, as they felt ready and open to explore their grief in a healthy and supportive environment, which Canteen provides.

Participants need to be 16 years and over and feel ready to explore and process the loss of their loved one/s.