High-tech robot solution keeps rangatahi connected

04 Apr 2024

Rangatahi shouldn't have to miss out on the joys of learning and socialising, even while undergoing cancer treatment. In 2023 we launched The Kubi Robot as part of our suite of programmes and services providing support to rangatahi impacted by cancer.

The Kubi Robot is an innovative piece of teleconferencing technology that enables rangatahi undergoing treatment to gain a virtual presence in school, allowing them to attend classes, participate in discussions, and interact with friends during lunch breaks. 

Currently, we have five Kubi Robots deployed to rangatahi across Aotearoa, which are actively engaged in providing support and assistance. Additionally, we have more Kubi Robots prepared and awaiting deployment, further expanding our capacity to reach and assist even more rangatahi impacted by cancer.

How does the Kubi Robot work?

The Kubi App links iOS or Android tablets with the Kubi robot via Bluetooth 4.0, facilitating remote control through a web browser. The app runs seamlessly in the background and integrates with Zoom for video conferencing purposes. Leveraging Kubi's pan and tilt functionalities, students can dynamically adjust their perspective, fostering engagement and active participation in classroom activities. Furthermore, Kubi's lightweight design allows for effortless manoeuvrability within the classroom environment.

Rangatahi using the Kubi Robot in hospital bed


We have heard firsthand the experiences from rangatahi, parents and teachers who have observed the transformative impact of our Kubi Robots in maintaining continuity, reducing isolation, and fostering connectivity.

"The Kubi Robot has worked really well to help me feel connected to my class, teachers and peers. My friends at school have carried the robot around the school grounds and corridors, which allowed the me to connect with peers - I loved it!" Student.

The Lindsay Foundation's generous contribution has played a pivotal role in securing the funding necessary to acquire six of our Kubi Robots.

"We are really grateful to the Lindsay Foundation for supporting our innovative Robots Project. The Kubi robots ensure that rangatahi undergoing treatment can stay engaged with their classrooms, schoolwork, and peers. This reduces isolation and makes for a smoother transition back to school when they're able."  Nick Laing, CEO Canteen Aotearoa.

CEO Nick Laing and Member Director Josh McMillan with the Kubi Robot


As Canteen expands the robot service, more rangatahi will be able to maintain a sense of connection and wellbeing during an extremely challenging and isolating experience.