23 Jul 2021

It is so important that all rangatahi impacted by cancer across Aotearoa feel represented and part of the Canteen whānau. Being seen, heard, and connecting exactly as you are matters. That is one of the reasons why Canteen holds CanQueer and Friends.

CanQueer and Friends is an online peer community event for all Canteen LGBTQIA+ rangatahi and allies. It is a safe social space for rangatahi to connect and be 100% themselves.

The event takes place once every two months over Zoom and brings together rangatahi from across Aotearoa and Australia. Each event is supported by a Canteen Psychosocial Support Worker and Youth Worker, who help lead discussions…and sometimes even run karaoke polls.

‘Queer’ and ‘LGBTQ+’ are terms used to describe the many variations of sexual attraction and sex/gender identity, including intersex, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, asexual, fa’afafine, takatāpui, lesbian, bisexual and gay. Although it may not be the preferred term for everyone, it is used to challenge binary representations of sexuality, sex, and gender.

Proud, curious, or a friend of the community, we’d love to meet you! Check out Canteen Connect for our upcoming CanQueer events.