Rangatahi Development

Canteen supports rangatahi to gain social, development, and leadership skills using a range of different pathways and programmes.
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Leadership PROGRAMME

Canteen has a proud history of rangatahi leadership and aims to provide rangatahi with opportunities to develop skills and connections that will benefit their long-term future while also contributing to the direction of the organisation. Any rangatahi using Canteen services aged 16 or over can apply to become a rangatahi leader. The core responsibilities of the leadership teams include advising, advocating, providing peer support, and community presence.
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This grant aims to assist rangatahi to grow and thrive. The grant is open to all rangatahi supported by Canteen, with those experiencing financial hardship being prioritised. The grants are up to $1,200 per application and we have application intakes each quarter. A select committee will determine the 5 grant recipients for each intake.
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The governance structure of Canteen Aotearoa is such that members have a say at every level of the organisation, including by having members sit on the Board of Directors. Canteen supports its leaders to take on Member Director roles on the Canteen Board, which is responsible for oversight of the operations of the organisation.

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