• What Is CanTeen

    What Is CanTeen

    Our mission is to support develop and empower young people living with cancer through a national peer support network, and professional educational and recreational programmes.

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  • Meet The Board

    Meet The Board

    Meet the board members leading CanTeen as a successful charity organisation.

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  • The MAC (Member Advisory Committee)

    The MAC (Member Advisory Committee)

    We're a group of CanTeen members looking at member-related issues that we believe will make CanTeen better for the future.

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  • Our Values

    Our Values

    Read about the values CanTeen as an organisation lives by.

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  • How We're Funded

    How We're Funded

    CanTeen is completely reliant on voluntary donations to fund our vital work supporting young people living with cancer.   Our work received no direct government funding.

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  • Our Programmes

    Our Programmes

    Our mission is to support, develop and empower young people living with cancer. One of the ways we do this is with our recreational and educational National Programmes.

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  • Our History

    Our History

    The idea for a youth-oriented cancer patient support group emerged from the personal and professional experiences of Michael Carr-Gregg (pictured above- courtesy of Lawrence Smith/Fairfax Media) who, in 1978 at the age of 20, was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his neck.

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  • News & Media

    News & Media

    For all the latest and greatest news and information about CanTeen look no further.

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  • Publications


    Check out what's been happening around the country in our various publications.

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  • CanGrow Grants

    The purpose of the CanTeen Self Development Grants is to support members with their personal growth. We recognise that a cancer experience will often disrupt members' education, development and training.

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  • Working at CanTeen

    CanTeen is the only NZ organisation that supports young people aged 13-24 living with cancer. CanTeen supports young people when cancer turns their world upside down and helps them cope with the physical, emotional and practical impact of living with cancer.

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  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Get in touch with a relevant CanTeen representative using this form or give us a call on 0800 CANTEEN (226 8336). Another option is to write to us at PO Box 56-072, Dominion Road, Auckland 1446.

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