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Programmes Calendar

Scroll down for a look at our 2021 Programmes Calendar.

2021 Programmes Calendar


January 2021
25th – 31st Nibbles up North Event Auckland

February 2021
1st – 7th Hamilton Event, Kāpiti Event, MKC – Christchurch, Dungeons & Dragons (2nd) (online)
8th – 14th Giggles and Grub Wellington (10th), Timaru – Regional Trip, CanQueer (11th), North Hub – Online Drop-in
15th – 21st Palmerston North Event, Nelson Event, Nibbles Up North Auckland
22nd – 28th Gisborne Event, Psychosocial Online Event (Speaker)

March 2021
1st – 7th MKC – Christchurch, Dungeons & Dragons (2nd) (online), North Hub – Online Drop-in
8th – 14th  Giggles and Grub Wellington (10th), Leadership Aotearoa Camp (12th to 14th) Christchurch , CanQueer (11th) (online), Northland Event, Dunedin and Invercargill Event
15th – 21st Taranaki Event, Nibbles Up North Auckland
22nd – 28th Dunedin and Invercargill Event, Psychosocial Online Event

April 2021
29th – 4th North Hub Online Drop in
5th – 11th Dungeons & Dragons (6th) (online), CanQueer (8th) (online)
12th – 18th Giggles and Grub (14th), Nibbles Up North Auckland
19th – 25th School Holiday Hub Days
26th – 2nd Tauranga/Taupo/Rotorua Events

May 2021
3rd – 9th Kāpiti Event, MKC – Christchurch, Dungeons & Dragons (4th) (online)
10th – 16th Giggles and Grub Wellington (12th), CanQueer (13th) (online), North Hub Drop-in – online
17th – 23rd Palmerston North Event, Nibbles up North Auckland
24th – 30th Hamilton Event, Nelson Event, Psychosocial Online Event (speaker)

June 2021
31st – 6th Dungeons & Dragons (1st) online, MKC – Christchurch, Gisborne Event
7th – 13th Giggles and Grub Wellington (9th), CanQueer (10th) online, National Camp (TBC)
14th – 20th Taranaki Event, Timaru Event, Nibbles up North Auckland
21st – 27th Northland Event, Dunedin and Invercargill Event
28th – 4th Psychosocial Online Event, North Hub – Online Drop-in


Programme Overview


All of CanTeen’s events, activities and programmes are designed, delivered and evaluated to best meet the needs of rangatahi/young people living with cancer. There are a core set of outcomes that we are seeking to achieve with all events, activities and programmes:


– new and/or stronger supportive relationships with other rangatahi developed (peer support);

– reduced sense of isolation (whanaungatanga/social connection);

– quality respite and recreation experiences (a ‘break’ from cancer);

– development of practical skills and/or effective coping strategies;

– increased knowledge of available support within CanTeen and in the broader community; and

– increased knowledge of how/confidence to access these supports.


We hold peer events in our main centres and regions across the country. Hubs refer to our three geographical regions that are North Hub (Taupo to Northland), Central Hub (Wellington to Taranaki and Hawkes Bay), and South Hub (South Island). Our Youth Workers (YWs) and Psychosocial Support Workers (PSWs) travel to regions within their hubs to run these events, meet one-to-one with rangatahi and connect with stakeholders.


We also have a comprehensive programme of online events including recreational events, casual drop-ins and psychosocial events and therapy groups run by PSWs. Camps are held throughout the year and range from recreational to therapeutic.


Youth leadership


Youth leadership is central to who we are, what we do and how we do it. Rangatahi sign up each year if they want to participate in our leadership programmes, roles and activities. Each region has a leadership group that meets regularly in-person and via Zoom to work together on peer support activities, raising support for CanTeen and sharing ideas and feedback on a range of topics. A National Leadership Camp is held at the beginning of each year to come together as a group.


Leaders act as ambassadors for CanTeen, advise on CanTeen services, help to run events and programmes and can apply to become Board Directors.