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  • Summer
  • 12th Jun. 2018

The kick start Summer needed

Cancer impacts lives, but sometimes the whole impact isn’t felt until young people leave the hospital walls.

When Summer’s little brother was diagnosed with cancer this was only the start of many changes for her family. They moved from Wellington to Christchurch to be closer to the hospital for treatment.

As Summer’s brother received treatment, Summer grew close to a few other children at the hospital, but unfortunately, Summer lost eight friends during this time. With life disrupted and shaken, the true impact didn’t hit until treatment was over and she tried to get back to her old life.

Back home, Summer’s character changed and she started suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. With both her brother and father diagnosed with cancer, the whole experience had taken its toll.

Cancer significantly impacted her education. Her grades suffered dramatically. She would often come home saying that she was the slowest in the class which took a toll on her self-confidence and self-esteem. She withdrew and found it hard to play sport and mix socially with her peers. It made getting back to normal tough.

Summer’s family knew she needed help but didn’t know where to turn. Summer’s older sister, who was also involved with CanTeen, suggested applying for an education grant.  Available due to Warehouse Stationery’s fundraising efforts, these grants help young people get their education back on track when cancer impacts it. Not expecting much, Summer and her family sent off an application and were pleasantly surprised to find their application had been accepted. The grant was used to purchase a laptop and enrol Summer for Kip McGrath tutoring.

With the tutoring and a laptop to use at home, Summer was able to catch up with her peers. The impact of cancer on Summer was something her family thought would take many years to address, but this grant enabled Summer to get things back on track much quicker.

Summer’s getting back to her lively and social self; feeling competent in herself, she’s trying new things and growing into the wonderful woman her family knew was there, but who had got a bit lost along the way. The education grant has made a positive impact in her life which has helped her not only now, but will continue to in the future.