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  • Lola
  • 28th Jul. 2020

Cancer impacted my life alot

“My brother died of a rare form of cancer almost 11 years ago. I was 4 years old at the time. Some of my earliest memories are visiting hospitals and having my brother come to visit and spending as much time with him as possible. One important memory for me is no matter how sick he got; he was always the same happy, fun-loving person. He was the best brother you could imagine.

“Cancer impacted my life a lot, I lost my brother. He died just less than a week before my fifth birthday. So my parents pushed back school a few months. Henry passed away on my dad’s birthday so ever since then, his birthday has been a really hard day for all of us. One thing that stayed the same is the love and support of my family. My parents, sister and I really stuck together through all of it.

“CanTeen has been so amazing for me and both my siblings. It’s supported me and provided really useful services. The camps & activities are so much fun, and the people are the most carefree and kind I’ve ever met. I love the laughter we share and the ability to just be ourselves around each other.”