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  • Jemma
  • 17th Dec. 2020

When cancer came into my life, a lot changed

Jemma was just eight and living in Melbourne when cancer changed her life. Jemma said: “I was at a travel agent with my Dad and had a massive headache. I was taken to hospital and diagnosed that night. I was airlifted to a different hospital? and operated on almost immediately and the surgery lasted almost 24 hours.”

When cancer came into my life, it changed a lot. I was a very sporty kid and loved horse-riding, soccer, footy and tennis. But I had to give most of this up as the treatment affected my balance and coordination. The treatment and surgery also affected the right side of my body and I taught myself to write with my left hand!

It also affected my relationships with my friends and family; I found it harder to connect with peers.

CanTeen has helped me come to terms with my cancer journey and has introduced me to other young people who have been or are going through a similar journey. One of my favourite CanTeen events was the 80s night we had last year when we dressed up and played sing star, it was a good time.”

Your ongoing generosity makes it possible for CanTeen to support rangatahi like Jemma who have their lives turned upside down by cancer. Thank you.