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Youth support coordinators

12 Jun, 2018

Youth support coordinators

Everyday our team is making a positive difference in the lives of young people when they’re faced with cancer. Clint is just one of the many youth support coordinators on our team and here’s a little taste of what his days are filled with at CanTeen.

“Every day is different at CanTeen and provides a chance for me to be a positive influence in a young person’s world, especially if they are going through treatment. We also support offspring and siblings and every young person has different support needs.”

Youth support coordinators take on a variety of tasks to help young people. When cancer closes in, CanTeen ensures no 13-24-year-old is left to face it alone.

“One of the young people was in hospital for treatment and whilst she was there, I visited her every day to keep her company. She would share how she felt about her treatment and how she wanted to go to her school ball. She wanted CanTeen to help her go wig shopping for it and so we took her wig shopping. It was amazing to see her face light up when she found the perfect wig, and even more so to see her ball photos later.”

Cancer derails lives. It takes a toll on young people physically, mentally, emotionally and socially and it happens all during a time where young people are finding themselves and their place in the world. The opportunity to just be a young person and to do what young people do like go to school balls, sometimes takes the backburner to cancer. CanTeen gets it.

“For me it’s about the quality of engagement. One to one, peer and group support helps us meet the unique needs of each young person. It means one day I could be spending a few hours in a one-to-one support session and another I could be setting up a group activity at our local laser tag.”

Everyone’s cancer journey is different, but at CanTeen you connect with other young people who’ve experienced the same challenges.

“CanTeen creates an environment where our members can create quality relationships and support groups. I love how CanTeen members that have come out on the other end of treatment are willing to be mentors and positive role models for those that are currently receiving treatment. Being able to talk to someone without the fear of judgment is a huge thing for our young people. I am proud to work for an organisation that can provide the resources to do so.”

Cancer journeys are often described as a rollercoaster, with highs and lows. Youth support coordinators play a key role in young people’s lives in navigating these changes.

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