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We're here for rangatahi

28 Feb, 2022

We're here for rangatahi

More than 4,200 rangatahi are impacted by cancer each year, whether it’s their own diagnosis or cancer in their whānau. CanTeen’s mission is to ensure they don’t face cancer alone.

We provide a wide range of support services tailored to the specific needs of each rangatahi; including individual support and therapy, peer support events, therapeutic programmes and camps, rangatahi development, and online support through CanTeen Connect.

Individual support and therapy – Our specially trained team of Psychologists and Social Workers support rangatahi with one-on-one support and therapy no matter where they live in Aotearoa. Our team of Youth Workers also provide one-on-one support to rangatahi, either face-to-face by meeting up in the community, at home visits, or over the phone and Zoom.

Peer support events – Youth Workers organise a range of events, both face-to-face and online, to support rangatahi to connect with peers who can understand what they’re going through, help reduce isolation, and provide a break from cancer.

Therapeutic programmes and camps – Our specially trained team of Psychologists and Social Workers run therapeutic programmes over Zoom, tailored to different cancer experiences. CanTeen also offers several camps that rangatahi across Aotearoa can attend. They are completely free and rangatahi across Aotearoa will be supported to attend.

Rangatahi development – CanTeen supports rangatahi to get their life back on track after being impacted by cancer, supporting them to gain social, development, and leadership skills using a range of different pathways and programmes. Including our Leadership Programme and Rangatahi Development Grants.

CanTeen Connect – Our free online community for rangatahi that can be accessed via or downloaded as an app. It gives rangatahi a space to chat with others impacted by cancer, join discussions, online events, and chat with CanTeen Connect Counsellors.


Learn more about our support services for rangatahi. 



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