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Online events continuing

25 Jun, 2020

Online events continuing

As we move into the new normal and working online becomes more common, we have listened to the feedback of attendees of our online events and will be continuing them for the foreseeable future.

By removing the barrier of location and assisting anyone who was having trouble connecting. we have created a truly nationwide event space where young people from all over the country can interact, share and connect in a safe space.

One standout event that took place just last week was the Korero with Jackson Garden-Bachop, a rugby player from Wellington. Jackson was able to connect with young people who had been through similar and shared experiences were discussed within a safe space.

After the event, one of the attendees said:

I felt a bit overwhelmed by the event, thinking the chat would be a little bit about cancer, but mostly about rugby and as I’m not a rugby fan I wasn’t sure if it was going to be that interesting. 

“But everything during the Q&A was just so cool. When some cancer things cropped up I thought I might get upset like I normally do, but it was the total opposite. 

“Hearing someone high profile talk about emotions and explain that he didn’t know the answers, he didn’t always get what was happening, and that he didn’t talk to anyone about his mother – that was really relatable. Hearing from someone I could compare my experience of emotions/thoughts/feelings to was very grounding.”

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