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Exciting new national programme: reset

14 Feb, 2017

Exciting new national programme: reset

10th February 2017

CanTeen launches “reset” a lifestyle education programme for young people who have finished cancer treatment, to get them back on track to better health

CanTeen, the organisation supporting young people living with cancer has developed and is due to launch reset – a lifestyle intervention based programme for Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) cancer survivors. This comprehensive and practical programme will provide education and information on exercise, nutrition, health risks and self-care.

reset includes components developed by a specialist physiotherapist and nutritionist, alongside ongoing support of young people aged 13-24 who have had cancer and have been deconditioned as a result, or who have late affects that affect their everyday life beyond cancer.

The programme involves two weekend residential programmes in Auckland with a 12 week challenge in between which is home based, where they will be supported to reach their exercise and nutritional goals. The exercise component will be supported by CanTeen’s very first mobile application, developed by HotPotato Software Ltd and they will also have access to peer and CanTeen staff support.

The programme came about as CanTeen identified the need for a cancer patient programme which included education around nutrition and exercise, due to the issues young people with cancer can face post treatment. Combined with the growing understanding we have, around the importance of these aspects in ensuring young people have every opportunity to lead healthy lives post treatment.

Georgie Lincoln, CanTeen’s National Programme Manager who led the project to develop reset said, “We realised from the evidence just how important lifestyle intervention was, especially for young people who’ve had cancer. We made it a priority to create a lifestyle intervention programme to help equip them with the tools and information they needed to lead a healthy life. We enlisted expertise to design the diet, exercise and technological aspects to reset and the CanTeen team of experts involved included patients – ensuring we captured their needs effectively”.

Studies have shown that it can be very difficult for a young person who has finished treatment to return to normalcy and cancer is a chronic illness that can increase the risk of other chronic illnesses. Research shows that cancer and its treatments can affect numerous organ systems and cause long term side effects, late effects and physical impairments.  It can also increase the risk of secondary cancers occurring.

Adolescent and young people with cancer are not only at a greater risk of developing a chronic illness, or a secondary cancer at a later stage in life, but there is also some evidence to suggest that AYA cancer survivors have a lower level of activity or are more sedentary for reasons such as limited mobility, pain, fatigue and or, deconditioning of the body.

These compounding factors demonstrate the need to focus on educating and empowering these young people through lifestyle changes; exercise, education and nutrition, to enhance not only their quality of life but also their quantity of life.

“The good news is we know that implementing lifestyle changes in a cancer patient’s physical exercise levels and ensuring they eat a healthy balanced diet, can greatly reduce the risk of developing another chronic illness and or secondary cancer. For this reason it is crucial that CanTeen implements focused strategies in order to support young cancer patients that have finished treatment and address the needs and challenges associated with having had cancer.” says Claudine Young, CanTeen’s Acting Chief Executive Officer.

The very first round of CanTeener’s participating in reset will be in Auckland this weekend for part one of the programme, a total of 22 young people will be taking part and CanTeen will be excited to help support their members with this new approach to supporting its members.




For more information please contact:

Georgie Lincoln, National Programmes Manager CanTeen Auckland 

021 391 660


CanTeeners’ who want to know more can contact their local Youth Support Worker


About CanTeen’s reset Programme – developed for young cancer patients, post treatment:


The development of CanTeen’s reset programme has involved a number of experts and the CanTeen project team:

  • Lou James – Director/Physiotherapist of Pinc & Steel (Cancer Rehabilitation Trust)
  • Sarah Peck – NZ Registered Dietitian
  • Nikki Hart – Nutritionist/public health speaker / Media spokesperson on a wide range of nutrition topics
  • Greg Maher – App Developer – HotPotato Software Ltd


CanTeen’s reset Programme Participants will:

  • Learn how to incorporate exercise into their lifestyle to improve their strength, balance, flexibility, stamina
  • Master new skills on nutrition and exercise
  • Have increased knowledge on how to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet into their lifestyle
  • Increase in self-sufficiency in positive lifestyle choices and exercise
  • Understand different self-care strategies and how to implement these to be more resilient
  • Have a better quality of life
  • Go on to participate in sport, physical activities, and try new things
  • Have strong connection with peers
  • Have self-efficacy to choose tools to support positive daily living
  • Have a reduction of the risk of secondary cancer,  and chronic illness


What CanTeen’s reset participants receive as part of the programme:

  • CanTeen Exercise App – exercises designed by Physio
  • Nutrition, self-care and goal setting booklet (Nutrition section complied by NZ Registered Dietitian – Sarah Peck)
  • Fit bit that connects to App to measure cardio activity
  • Reset drink bottle to promote hydration
  • Yoga Mat and theraband
  • Incentives for reaching levels of the App – e.g. dumbbells, gymsticks etc.

About CanTeen
CanTeen supports young people in New Zealand when cancer turns their world upside down and helps them cope with the physical, emotional and practical impact of living with cancer.


We’re here for 13-24 year olds at every stage of their cancer journey, whether they’re dealing with:

  • having cancer themselves
  • an immediate family member being diagnosed with cancer
  • the  loss of an immediate family member from cancer


We provide funding for counselling and individual assistance as well as peer support programmes, leadership training and services to help our young people thrive in life after cancer. CanTeen is also there to advocate for our young people, helping ensure their voice is heard and empowering them to speak up for themselves. With 14 regional branches across New Zealand, CanTeen ensures there is support nearby for all young Kiwis living with cancer because we believe no young person should go through cancer alone.

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