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CanTeen Annual Report 2017

17 Nov, 2017

CanTeen Annual Report 2017

The past year has been full of challenge and change for CanTeen. New national programmes have been implemented, our scope of youth work has been extended and enhanced, and National Office has been restructured to reduce overheads and administration.

Key points from CanTeen’s annual report include:

  • The decision at the 2016 AGM to include young people who have a parent with cancer or who have lost a parent to cancer has seen a 10% growth in our membership (208 new members), with increased referrals through hospices and schools and a larger number of referrals from more rural areas, where traditionally our membership numbers have been low.
  • Eighteen months ago we introduced a practice framework for our service delivery that prioritised young people in greatest need at times of diagnosis, treatment and getting life back on track. This shift has allowed us to increase the number of young people we support and to ensure our resources are targeted where there is the greatest need. This growth has seen us go from providing 967 one-to-one sessions with a Youth Support Coordinator in 2014-2015, to 3,824 in 2016-2017.
  • Giving young people a voice to change things that affect them has been at the forefront this year for CanTeen. CanTeen’s Listen Up group of members advocated for change in cancer services by participating in the development and launch of Standards of Care for the Service Provision for Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Patients in New Zealand. Working alongside the Ministry of Health has raised the profile of CanTeen as a key partner in addressing New Zealand’s lower survival outcomes for youth cancer.


Click here to read the full annual report.

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