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Talents to give back

10 May, 2018

Talents to give back

Art is therapeutic.  CanTeen’s annual art workshop combines the practice and education of art with peer support and community connection like none of our workshops could ever do.

Held in April, art workshop is unique in that it delivers young people living with cancer, new skills for their art, brings them together for peer support and enables them to give back to CanTeen and  their wider communities. .

With the awesome support from St Cuthbert’s College and their staff, art workshop is held on their premises, using their resources. Not only do young people get access to a wide variety of art supplies and equipment to create, but enthusiastic staff provide mentorship to each attendee aiding them in creating art that fit the brief, as well as shaping their creative processes to get the best and most out of all their ideas.

With a wide range of art styles and having all the artistic types together in one space, we were witness to an amazing show of ideas and collaboration.

Attendees have gone away with new skills to add to their repertoire, as well as new friends who understand cancer like they do.  At CanTeen, we believe it’s important to give young people a chance to give back, as it adds purpose and value to their lives.


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