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A healthy mind for a healthy life

3 Jul, 2017

A healthy mind for a healthy life

Research shows that young people who have a cancer diagnosis have higher risks of developing an unhealthy mental well-being. Rates of depression and anxiety can vary between 16-42% with those with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer doesn’t stop when treatment ends. It has lasting impacts not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and socially. Therefore it is essential that we remember that to have a healthy mind is just as important to having a healthy life. Our mental well-being shapes us, our decisions and how we go about the world, but sometimes events in our life can make it harder to be our best selves. Which is why CanTeen have launched an internal campaign called ‘Mind Your Head’ to address the importance of mental health and the support we need to live a full, healthy life.

Throughout New Zealand, our CanTeen branches are holding events to help promote and educate young people on how to mind their heads – how to take care of their mental health. The campaign has stemmed from CanTeen’s advocacy group Listen Up, who have played an integral part in the recent launch of the Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Standards of Care, and will continue to bring to light issues important to young people living with cancer both internally and externally.

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